Face Mask Policy

First and foremost, please know that we value you as our customer. However, if you are not going to wear a mask, you need to leave the store immediately.

No one is allowed inside the store without a face-covering for any reason. Please do not argue with the person who handed this card to you. They are just doing their job and following our policy.

We do not want to wear a face-covering any more than you do, and we have to wear them for our entire work shift. We are just trying to protect our essential heroes as best we can. We very much hate to turn away business over something like this, but we hope you can respect the fact that we are putting the safety of our people ahead of profits. Anyone who comes into the store without a face-covering poses an increased risk to other customers and to our team. If they stop coming to work because they are afraid or sick, we can’t perform our essential function of providing food to the community. It is especially important that we strictly enforce this policy due to the fact that a large number of our workers are over the age of 60.

Our policy is not a result of any government mandate or regulation. It is based on the recommendations of the CDC and other health organizations who have said that face-coverings are an effective way to reduce the risk of spreading the virus to others, especially in grocery stores where social distancing is not always possible.

We do sell masks and are happy to make one available to you for purchase. The proceeds will be donated to the Weinberg Foodbank. Please let the person know if you would like to purchase one.

We also offer both online shopping and phone orders. You can find more information about these services on our website gerritys.com or ask an employee for an order form. If you are unable to wear a face-covering due to a health issue, we do waive the fee for curbside service. You can contact one of our pharmacies and speak with one of our HIPAA certified team members who can issue you a waiver. You can then call any Gerrity’s to place your order.

We look forward to the day when face coverings are no longer necessary. Rest assured that we will ease or eliminate this policy as soon as possible. Please know that our attorney has thoroughly reviewed the policy and has advised us that it complies with all state and federal laws.

If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to call our main office at 570-342-4144.

‘Double Cash’ Back Guarantee Refund Offer

It is our pledge that our products are fresh and that quality is guaranteed.

If either freshness or quality are not as represented at the date of your purchase, Gerrity’s will refund an amount equal to “double” the amount paid for the product, subject to the limitations and restrictions described below.
Limitations and Restrictions:

– Gerrity’s freshness and quality guarantee refund offer is limited to an amount equal to twice the purchase price of the product up to a maximum of $5.00; except in the event that the item’s purchase price exceeds $5.00—in which case the full purchase price of the item will be refunded. Further, the refund offer to double the amount is limited to the 1st purchase of that item with additional items refunded at the original price paid.

– Refunds for items purchased at a reduced price will be given at face value.

– Sales tax will be refunded at face value.

– Freshness” is determined by the product “sell-by” date and/or any other reasonable characteristics identifying that the age of the product, at the time of its sale, was not as represented. “Quality” of the product refers to the product’s condition being that which would otherwise be reasonably represented by any retailer, and sold by Gerrity’s, “in good faith”. Factors such as consumer’s neglect, handling, or cooking, may result in rendering this refund offer void.

– The customer must present the sales slip identifying the product purchased along with the return of “substantially” all of the product in its original packaging.

– The customer is required to complete a refund/credit advice to verify the return item, amount and reason—along with customer’s name, address and phone number.

– Such refund offer is subject to the sole discretion of Gerrity’s management, in as much as Gerrity’s management may reasonably conclude that the refund request is being made by the customer with the intent to abuse or exploit the refund offer arrangement.

– Gerrity’s reserves the right to suspend or terminate this offer at any time, without notice.

Everyday Double Coupon Policy

– Gold Card is required at time of purchase to receive double coupons.

– Manufacturers coupons from 51¢ to 99¢ are redeemed for $1.00. Coupons for $1.00 or more are redeemed at their face value.

– The total value of the coupon (Face Value + Doubled Value) may not exceed the price of the item. – Maximum of 4(four) coupons per like item will be doubled. The 5th (Fifth) will be redeemed at face value.

– Coupons for Milk, Cigarettes or Tobacco products will not be doubled.

– Gerrity’s reserves the right to accept or reject any coupon.

– Gerrity’s reserves the right to limit quantities.

– Catalina coupons are never doubled.

– Catalina coupons from any retailer will be honored

Internet Coupons

– When redeeming internet coupons, you MUST use Gold Card.

– Only 2 (two) coupons per like items purchased will be accepted.

– Maximum coupon value allowed is $5.00.

– “Free” product internet coupons will not be accepted.

– B.O.G.O (Buy One Get One) internet coupons will be accepted.

– Gerrity’s reserves the right to refuse any internet coupon.

– Coupon must have a valid date and scannable bar code.

Price Accuracy Policy

If the “charge” price of the product is higher than any “Shelf” or advertised price, the customer will receive one of that item free up to a limit of $10. For an item costing more than $10, the customer will receive $10 off the lowest shelf or advertised price. The customer will be charged the lower price for Any additional items of that product in the order.

“Charged Price” includes prices for items scanned, price look-up items, or items for which the price is entered manually.

“Shelf Price” includes any display or posted price. Void when prohibited by federal, state or local law.


Gerrity’s Rain Check Policy

A Rain Check will be issued for an advertised item not currently in stock. Rain Checks expire 30 days from issue date. Items on Rain Checks may be limited. Rain Checks must be used in one shopping trip and must be surrendered to the cashier at time of use.

Gerrity’s Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with a product that you purchased, we will gladly exchange the product for you or issue you a refund.

When a receipt is presented, a refund will be issued in the same form payment was made.

When a receipt is not presented, a store credit certificate will be issued. A license may be required for any refund of $5.00 or more without a receipt.

If you did not use your Gold Card, a refund will be given on Gold Card items, only when you present your Gold Card at the Customer Service Desk.

A Drivers License will be required for all refunds $15.00 or more, with or without a receipt.

No refunds will be issued on Gift Cards or Phone Card purchases.